No registration checkout
Checkout without registration
We’ve just launched yet another way to increase your checkout conversion.
Remember how shorter checkout experiences lead to higher conversion rates? We’ve just made it possible to disable the registration process.
This means customers no longer have to go through the traditional flow (and additional step) of registration, entailing creating a password, entering it twice, and so on. Now, their accounts will be created automatically and they’ll receive a secure password in their mailbox with no additional effort required on their part.
Note: customers who already have accounts will still be able to log in with their original passwords.
Of course, the ‘reset password’ link will remain clearly visible on all pages where subscribers need to enter their passwords, so they will always be able to get a new one if they forget.
We highly recommend you enable it today - click here to make it happen!
🍏 Apple & Google Pay
apple pay + google pay
We’ve just made it even easier for you to optimize your checkout conversion process.
If you’re using Stripe, you can now enable potential subscribers to select Apple and Google Pay as a payment method at checkout. Enable them on the Settings–>Billing.
Read our guide to enabling Apple Pay here.
Google Analytics for eCommerce and Meta Conversion API
facebook api + google analytycs
We’re happy to announce 2 new tracking improvements:
  1. Google Analytics for eCommerce will allow you to better track all your customers’ activities, including successfully completed checkouts, the products they purchased, their renewals, their refunds and more. If you’re using the Google Analytics app, it is already enabled, you just need to go to your Google Analytics admin page and create the User ID view with enhanced analytics enabled. Read the full guide here.
  2. Facebook/Meta conversion API entails the backend conversion tracking which allows you to enhance Facebook ads performance. In order to enable it, you need to create a new Event in your Meta Business Account, generate an access token and paste it in the Facebook app on Subbly. Read the full guide here.
Feel free to leave more feature requests 🤗
🚌 Printing multiple order slips at once
Printing orders slips in bulk
It’s a relatively tiny improvement, but you’ll see how much time it saves!
From now on, you’ll be able to print multiple order slips at once. You just need to choose the orders you want to print, and select the “Print” action. The system will generate a multi-page PDF with one order slip per page.
Feel free to create more feature requests here.
Single-page survey
Frame 922 (1).png
As you may know, the longer the checkout experience, the less likely customers are to complete it. That’s why we advise you to get rid of any unnecessary questions first and foremost.
When it’s done, you can try out our new single-page survey feature. All the questions are on the same page and are easy to edit.
You can enable it separately for each individual survey.
As always, we’re open to any feedback - feel free to get in touch!
Multi-currency support
Subbly is back again with yet another way to help you expand your revenue. This time, we’re excited to announce that you’re now able to accept payments in different currencies. We made it as flexible for you as possible:
  • Add new currencies so customers can change them during checkout
  • Prices automatically convert to other currencies based on the specified rate
  • Convert prices using the actual exchange rate provided by Subbly, or set up your own
  • Compatible with all gateways supported by Subbly
  • Stripe users can use the same gateway for different currencies
  • Configure the ‘Round to’ parameter to avoid any awkward-looking numbers
  • Pass the currency via the GET request parameter in the link
  • No need to create multiple accounts to accept different currencies anymore
This feature is available for users on the ‘Subbly’ plan tier and higher. Enable it here.
Stock check on renewal
Out of stock on renewal.png
We are glad to announce that we’re adding stock checking functionality for the renewals.
Now, if the setting is enabled, and the product’s stock is not sufficient for the order, the invoice will be voided, the renewal date changed to the next one, and you’ll receive an email notification.
If circumstances change and you have enough stock to fulfill missed orders before the next subscription period, you can manually update the stock count, set a renewal date for any customers affected, and send their orders out within the current period.
You can enable a stock check on renewal on the Advanced Settings page.
Email notifications management
Frame 920 (4).png
Hi there,
Starting now, you can manage which emails you will receive from Subbly.
Please note that certain crucial emails, including system and security notifications such as password resets, login notifications or gateway updates can’t be disabled, but the rest is up to you.
Click Manage notifications on the Account settings page to set your email preferences.
Automations & Cart abandonment dashboards
Automations and Cart abandonment dashboard.png
Hi, we're excited to announce that we've added Automation and Cart Abandonment dashboards so you can easily monitor all of your executed actions and keep an eye on the number of customers you’ve reached and converted through your cart abandonment sequence.
If you don’t currently use either of those features, why not set them up straight away and take advantage of a great chance to leverage more of Subbly? The results will speak for themselves!
Tried them out already and have some thoughts?
Feel free to reach to us with your feedback!
🎁 Gift vouchers
Gift voucher4.png
We're excited to announce another amazing update — and right on time! The holiday season is getting close, providing a great opportunity to increase your Average Order Value (AOV) by offering gift vouchers.
Gift vouchers are a new type of product in Subbly. You can create as many different values as you want, and sell them on your website or add them to your funnel to make them even more noticeable.
We'd recommend offering these during the post-purchase stage to make the purchase as easy as possible — although it's always worth experimenting to optimise the process for your unique context.
Once purchased, each gift voucher code will be emailed to its recipient, who can then redeem it during checkout by entering it in the coupon field.
Good luck, and happy holiday sales!
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