Update shipping address after order generation
Shipping address update@2x
Great news — we’ve just released another subscription-first improvement!
Through your feedback, we discovered that many of our merchants had experienced situations where subscribers’ addresses changed after their orders had been generated. Before now, to correct this, subscribers would have had no other option but to take the time to manually reach out to merchants to inform them of their updated information, spoiling the seamlessness of their customer journeys.
With this improvement, you can now give subscribers the ability to update their shipping addresses for already generated orders that are still awaiting delivery.
We are aware that this feature may cause chaos for some fulfilment setups out there, which is why it’s purely optional, but in the right contexts it can be a very powerful way of adding even more flexibility for your subscribers.
In any case, you’ll always receive an email notification when a subscriber updates their address, after which you can process the logistics however works best for you.
Merchants can enable this feature in their Advanced Settings.
❗NOTE: Shipping prices will not be updated automatically. You will need to manually process and communicate any extra fees as well as update your fulfillment management system.
As always, feel free to reach out to us with any feedback you’d like to share.
Require subscribers to update preferences when resuming/reactivating subscriptions
update preferences from unpause@2x
We realize that from time to time, you’ll need to update the available options in your surveys based on various factors, including changes in offering structures and product availability.
This may cause inconveniences for subscribers unpausing or reactivating their subscriptions after a period of inactivity, who could return to find that their original subscription plan no longer exists in the same form.
Now, you can make it mandatory for subscribers to update their preferences (i.e. fill out a survey again) when they resume their subscriptions, ensuring that they know exactly what to expect from your updated offering.
To activate this feature, simply go to the Advanced Settings page and enable the ‘Update preferences when resuming/reactivating subscription on customer area’ setting.
Once you’ve done this, any subscriber attempting to resume or reactivate their subscription will automatically be prompted to fill out your updated survey.
Sounds like a small detail — but small details are key if you want to really raise the bar for delighting your customers. It’s an approach that extends throughout Subbly’s whole development process as we work to build exactly what subscription businesses need.
Updated csv exports
exportable columns@2x
Hey Subblians,
We’re excited to introduce a couple of new additions to our CSV export feature — starting with the ability to choose which columns to export. This upgrade extends to all possible categories of export: transactions, subscriptions, customers & orders.
Your custom column selection will be pre-configured to match the columns currently displayed on the orders page, which you can change as needed if you haven’t yet configured the necessary columns, using the recently added control.
Note: We haven’t changed the behavior of the filters — the data will be generated and exported based on whichever filters you have applied at the time.
On top of that, we’ve also made it so that CSV files will be sent directly to your inbox, in order to ensure maximum data consistency and improved security.
Once more, we thank all of you for your ongoing feedback — it’s how we ensure that highly in-demand features (like this one) area always at the top of our release schedule.
Renewal & Cut-off time
Renewal and cut-off time@2x
Today, we’re announcing another new feature — yet another demonstration of our commitment to creating a true subscription-first platform that leaves no stone unturned.
Introducing the ability to set custom renewal and cut-off times, a feature designed to tackle a problem faced by many subscription businesses, particularly those working with fresh ingredients.
For example, if you run a daily breakfast delivery business and need to pass your ingredient list to your kitchen staff by midnight in order for orders to go out at 8 am the next day, you can set a custom cut-off/renewal time at 8 pm the previous day, by which subscribers need to indicate whether they want a meal or not.
Custom renewal time can be configured from your billing settings page. Meanwhile, the cut-off time can be changed for every plan separately.
These features are only available for users on the Advanced plan. Get 25% off your first 3 months when you upgrade to it before the end of September with the promo code
7 new website templates
new templates@2x
We’re excited to announce the release of 7 new website templates, all designed by Subbly Experts!
Each template has been designed in accordance with the subscription-first principles, and reflects the importance of enhancing your subscription offering by offering complementary one-time products alongside it, rather than limiting your offering to subscription products only.
Check them out today directly in the templates library — you might find that one of them is particularly perfect for your business model or see an opportunity to improve your current store front.
Customizable order table: no more wrangling with spreadsheets
columns adjustment@2x
Hello Subblians,
While reading your feedback regarding stacked filters, we noticed another opportunity to make your daily operations even easier – adding the possibility to choose which columns to display on the orders page.
Now, you can set the table on the orders page to display all the data you need on one screen, and organize it whatever order is most convenient for you with drag and drop columns.
Combine this update with Stacked Filters to make your operations easier and more efficient.
No more complex spreadsheets
. It just works — yet another exciting example of our relentless focus on building solutions for modern subscription-first businesses.
Let us know if there is still something missing to reduce your reliance on spreadsheets
Remember, people are at the heart of everything we do
Brand your emails with the email template builder
email builder (2)
Yo Subblians,
One of our most anticipated features is here… the possibility to create your own layout for transactional emails with a built-in HTML email template editor.
This email template builder allows you to create custom branded emails for your customers and subscribers. You can use it to change the background, logo, and other elements of the general appearance, and thus make your communication with your customers more consistent with your brand.
Go and edit your template on Settings–>Branding now.
Improve your communication with customers with mixed checkouts, survey answers and gift vouchers in checkout confirmation email
Checkout confirmation email@2x
We’re excited to announce the first of many updates to Subbly’s customizable emails system.
As of today, you can now configure ‘Checkout confirmation’ emails to automatically include a subscriber’s survey answers and details on mixed checkouts (i.e. checkouts with both subscription and one-time products or gift vouchers, etc).
To activate it, simply open the template configuration and click the reset button to update it to a default one with all the new perks.
Please note that reseting your checkout email template will return it to its default state, and you will need to reconfigure it. Your other templates will not be affected by this change.
Complementary add-on upsells in the customer area
account area upsell@2x
Hello, Subblians! Remember your subscription-first principles? The idea of the Integrated customer journey means the journey never stops, and there’s always another opportunity for a well-placed touchpoint.
And now, we’re here with an update that makes it even easier to create those opportunities. As of today, you can upsell complementary products to your customers directly from their customer area. Not only is it a great way to increase your LTV, but also to improve customer satisfaction by accompanying their standard order with items that enhance their overall experience.
So, how does it work?
First, go to Marketing–>Addons Upsell and select which products you want to offer in the customer area.
Then, you decide whether or not they can be permanently attached to a subscription, or just included as part of the next order. You can enable both options to give your customers an extra choice, and add a discount to any (or both) of them to make your offer even more convincing.
Finally, it’s time to craft a convincing call to action (CTA)
After you’ve set everything up, every time a customer lands on the subscription management page on their account, they will see a widget with your CTA and products.
Time to shift your one-time products to Subbly — the right upsell opportunities will bring you one step closer towards unlocking the true power of your subscription business.
❗️ This feature isn’t available on the Lite plan. The Basic plan gives you up to 10 successful individual upsell transactions per month across all subscribers, after which no more offers will be displayed. Unlimited usage is available on the Subbly and Advanced plans.
We’re confident that the additional revenue will easily cover the additional investment, but to make it even easier for everyone to experience the boost for themselves, we’d like to offer our users
25% off an upgrade
to the Subbly or Advanced plan for the first 3 months. Simply use the code ‘
' to upgrade. The offer is available until the end of August.
Stacked filters: Pin point orders based on multiple data points including custom data
stacked filters@2x
Our new stacked filters feature enables you to triangulate all of your orders with powerful and/or logic so you can easily manage them in bulk.
For example, food subscription businesses could use this feature to filter by multiple survey questions at once, i.e. all vegan, gluten-free, or lactose-free orders, or see whether an order indicates a preference for extra spice or no spice, and thus make sure the appropriate items are included.
It’s simple: once you’ve created more than one filter group containing one or more individual filters and one operator, you can now easily combine them with other filter groups.
No more complex spreadsheets
. It just works — yet another exciting example of our relentless focus on building solutions for modern subscription-first businesses.
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