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You've probably already used ChatGPT... now you can harness the power of generative AI in your Subbly account too!
Our built-in AI Author bot creates and sends hyper-personalized emails on your behalf, using information about each individual customer such as their address, purchase history, survey answers, and more.
Check out the picture above for an example of what happened when we asked it to write emails for churned customers with a personalized comment about where they live.
Based on that prompt, the AI Author wrote an email that:
🟢 Incorporated the customers’ locations for a uniquely personalized touch
🟠 Referred to data from the customers’ previous subscription plans and product preferences
🟣 Offered compelling incentives to entice customers to restart their subscriptions
The AI Author bot is available as the ‘Send AI email’ action for majority of automation triggers. It comes as a part of the same AI power-up that contains Churn AI,
Try it out today and elevate your customer communications effortlessly, at scale!
Our team learned about the “Reply Yes” tactic BusterBox were using to generate 10s of thousands of upsell revenue. So we decided to automate the entire workflow, saving them 100s of hours per year. Then we made it available for everyone!
Send exclusive offers to customers and all they need to do is reply “Yes” (or whatever you choose), Subbly applies the offer automatically.
Check out the "How to" video on the Subbly Facebook community.
If you have any other processes or growth tactics that you believe can be automated, please schedule a 15-minute feedback session to discuss them.
We're thrilled to present a new process that comprises three key steps:
Lead Acquisition:
You can create a customized form to entice customers to share their email address along with the discount. You can do this through Subbly's website builder or our recently launched Email Form Builder.
Accessing Your Leads Page
: A dedicated page has now been incorporated into the Customers section of the admin panel, allowing you to monitor the status of your acquired leads.
Set up automated processes to dispatch offers and convert these leads into customers.
Feel free to explore the Leads Page via this link. or watch a tutorial on how to build the form that auto-applies a coupon code after its submission with Subbly website builder.
A new way to engage your subscribers – the Content Feed feature.
Now you can create digital content pieces and post them in the customer area in the separate section called Content Feed. You can use it to share more details about your subscriptions, create a FAQ section, share the updates, or use it solely for running digital subscriptions.
You also can manage what posts are seen by subscribers of what products and add the tags so customers can filter the content.
Have any feedback? Schedule a 15-minute feedback session here.
One of our most anticipated features is live — from now, you can configure all the transactional and marketing emails to be sent from your email address.
In order to do that, you’ll need to Once configured, Subbly will send the emails from your account using your email address. The apps are available on the Advanced plan, as a part of the whitelabeling suite.
Hey Subblians, we have a great admin experience update for you to make running your operations even smoother — we are glad to introduce the updated events timeline which has multiple major improvements.
- Email events
We’ve added a separate Email section in the settings, which includes the Email events tab. Now you can see the major email events, such as sent emails with the email’s body, opened emails, clicked emails, bounced emails, emails marked as spam, and customers that have unsubscribed and resubscribed.
- Object snapshots
Every event that happens will be followed with a snapshot of the object at the moment when the event happened. For example, you will be able to see an individual subscription with all its details as it was 2 years ago when a customer added the coupon.
- New events timeline widget
We’ve also introduced a new widget that allows you to conveniently navigate through all the events.
As you may guessed already, all those 50+ events are used as factors for predicting the churn risk of your subscriptions as part of our Predictive Churn AI feature — we invite all of you to test the already available Beta at $29/mo.
Hey Subblians, we know you’ve all been waiting for this day for a while — our native PayPal integration is now live!
No words are needed to describe the benefits of PayPal — offering more ways to suit any customer to pay on checkout is only a good thing!
To enable PayPal, go to the Billing settings, click Create new gateway, choose PayPal and follow the flow… it’s that easy!
Although we automatically handle it for you, please ensure that: (1) the Vault option is enabled in the new app created by Subbly inside your PayPal Business account, and (2) the newly added PayPal gateway is set as the primary option.
P.S. The transaction fees, which are 1.25% for all plans except for Advanced (where it's 1%), are charged separately on a weekly basis.
Introducing Predictive Churn, Subbly's first AI powerup module, designed to identify subscriptions that are on the verge of cancellation.
Trained on over 2 million behavioral, demographic, and financial data points, Subbly’s advanced AI model demonstrated 91.7% prediction accuracy on training data.
The model works by automatically collecting all the necessary data points for each of your subscriptions, and analyzing them against a vast proprietary database of historical data to return an individual churn risk (1%-99%) for all of your active subscriptions. To ensure you always have the most accurate information at your fingertips, the churn risk is recalculated with every important subscription event.
This insight allows you to focus your energy where it’s needed most — improving your relationships with the highest-priority subscribers, rather than spending hours searching for clues and putting out fires.
Using the Predictive Churn AI, you can accelerate your business growth by increasing retention through targeted outreach to subscribers, such as adding a free item or applying an exclusive discount to their next order(s). Moreover, once you’ve identified patterns and found the most effective processes to rescue risky subscriptions, you can build them into a flow with Subbly’s automations and eliminate the manual work entirely.
Welcome to the new era of churn optimization! There’s no need to wait until a subscriber decides to cancel their subscription, now you can delight them before they even think about canceling.
Predictive Churn AI is available as a paid add-on for $29/month. You can view the churn risk of your subscriptions on the subscriptions page. The top five riskiest subscriptions are available to everyone, even without the AI power-up.
P.S. All data used to train the model and predict churn risk is anonymized and complies with personal data regulations, including GDPR.
Good news Subblians! has officially been added to Subbly as one of our supported payment gateways.
Although Stripe is our preferred payment gateway, we know that many of you can’t use it due to the nature of your business… so we made it happen! allows you to use your own MSP (merchant service provider) so if you're selling restricted and high risk products such as CBD based products or supplements, then you can work with with an MSP that supports your product type.
Our transaction fees here don’t differ from the ones on Braintree – 1.25%, unless you’re on the Advanced plan (1%) or an Enterprise plan with a negotiated rate.
Watch this space — we’ve been quite silent recently in terms of new billing integrations, but we’ve already got another one on the horizon. Can you guess which one 👀?
Hello Subblians, we are pleased to announce the delivery of Mondial Relay integration😉.
To enable it, you have to create a new local pick-up point and select "Mondial Relay" from the dropdown menu. Remember to create a separate pick-up point for each country. Once enabled for a country, your customers will be able to choose any Mondial Relay point within that country.
Please note that this feature is only available on the new admin and new checkout. If you do not have the new checkout enabled, feel free to contact our support team.
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