You've probably already used ChatGPT... now you can harness the power of generative AI in your Subbly account too!
Our built-in AI Author bot creates and sends hyper-personalized emails on your behalf, using information about each individual customer such as their address, purchase history, survey answers, and more.
Check out the picture above for an example of what happened when we asked it to write emails for churned customers with a personalized comment about where they live.
Based on that prompt, the AI Author wrote an email that:
🟢 Incorporated the customers’ locations for a uniquely personalized touch
🟠 Referred to data from the customers’ previous subscription plans and product preferences
🟣 Offered compelling incentives to entice customers to restart their subscriptions
The AI Author bot is available as the ‘Send AI email’ action for majority of automation triggers. It comes as a part of the same AI power-up that contains Churn AI,
Try it out today and elevate your customer communications effortlessly, at scale!