Dunning improvements
Frame 997.png
We know that involuntary churn can be hugely frustrating for many entrepreneurs, so why not consider our two new configurations in your dunning setup?
  1. Don't cancel the subscription when the dunning is not successful
Right now, if the dunning period ends and the invoice still hasn't been paid, a customer's subscription status will automatically be changed to 'Cancelled'. Disabling this toggle in your Billing Settings will keep their subscription active until the next billing date, when a new charge attempt will happen.
  1. Don't carry order to the next period if the payment is overdue
Currently, an anchored subscription with a successful payment occurring after a specified shipping date will only generate orders for the next period.
This is extremely inconvenient for long-term subscriptions with multiple shipments. If the customer is late paying the invoice for their first shipment, all their orders will be pushed back a period — what if the subscription is billed yearly 😳 ?
With this toggle, you can change what happens here, so if a customer is late for their first shipment, or even for their second, their order(s) will still be generated straight away.