update preferences from unpause@2x
We realize that from time to time, you’ll need to update the available options in your surveys based on various factors, including changes in offering structures and product availability.
This may cause inconveniences for subscribers unpausing or reactivating their subscriptions after a period of inactivity, who could return to find that their original subscription plan no longer exists in the same form.
Now, you can make it mandatory for subscribers to update their preferences (i.e. fill out a survey again) when they resume their subscriptions, ensuring that they know exactly what to expect from your updated offering.
To activate this feature, simply go to the Advanced Settings page and enable the ‘Update preferences when resuming/reactivating subscription on customer area’ setting.
Once you’ve done this, any subscriber attempting to resume or reactivate their subscription will automatically be prompted to fill out your updated survey.
Sounds like a small detail — but small details are key if you want to really raise the bar for delighting your customers. It’s an approach that extends throughout Subbly’s whole development process as we work to build exactly what subscription businesses need.