Sequential subscription management
Frame 927
We've added a new automation configuration that allows you to automate your sequential subscriptions (those that have a strictly defined order in which products are to be shipped).
For this configuration, we've added the 'successful shipments count' value, which is counted separately for each individual subscription.
You can manage the subscriptions manually by filtering them, as well as automate your fulfilment process by using the ‘Order Created’ trigger to start the ‘add SKU’ action, with the ‘successful shipments count’ value acting as a condition.
  • When Order is created if successful shipments count = 0 Add Sku = 0001
  • When Order is created if successful shipments count = 1 Add Sku = 0002
  • ...
You may also manually change the 'successful shipments count' for a subscription if a customer wants to skip a specific shipment.
Feel free to reach out to us with your feedback!