Shipping address update@2x
Great news — we’ve just released another subscription-first improvement!
Through your feedback, we discovered that many of our merchants had experienced situations where subscribers’ addresses changed after their orders had been generated. Before now, to correct this, subscribers would have had no other option but to take the time to manually reach out to merchants to inform them of their updated information, spoiling the seamlessness of their customer journeys.
With this improvement, you can now give subscribers the ability to update their shipping addresses for already generated orders that are still awaiting delivery.
We are aware that this feature may cause chaos for some fulfilment setups out there, which is why it’s purely optional, but in the right contexts it can be a very powerful way of adding even more flexibility for your subscribers.
In any case, you’ll always receive an email notification when a subscriber updates their address, after which you can process the logistics however works best for you.
Merchants can enable this feature in their Advanced Settings.
❗NOTE: Shipping prices will not be updated automatically. You will need to manually process and communicate any extra fees as well as update your fulfillment management system.
As always, feel free to reach out to us with any feedback you’d like to share.