Currently there are 2 paths for a customer to pause their subscription, both of which come from the "Your Subscription" Page
From the "Your Subscription" Page you can 1) Click "Pause" near "Need a break" in the upper right hand corner, and this brings up a calendar where customers can choose their renewal date 2) click “Subscription Settings” in the lower right of the screen, User goes to another page and clicks “Pause my subscription” and they are asked to confirm. In this case, they are automatically paused for 7 days if they are weekly and 14 days if biweekly and their new charge date is set 7 or 14 days out from today.
I don't love that there are 2 ways to pause and that the second way leaves it ambiguous to the customer when their renewal date is set for
Please make an option to hide the "pause my subscription" option on the Subscription Settings page where it has options to pause or cancel