During checkout flow, step 1 is email, and in step two is labeled shipping options. At the top of this section, there are two tabs labeled Local Pick Up and Address Delivery. In our checkout process, Address Delivery is on the right, and it's underlined, and Local Pickup is on the left, not underlined, and not really outlined as a tab or a button for guests to identify it as a choice. It is automatically assumed that customers are going to choose delivery, and they are prompted to put in their address and many do, and go to the bottom to continue, and get confused that they didn't get the chance to select a local pick up option that we advertise. Its not
obvious to some of our customers that they need to check the tab for Local Pick Up at the top left in order to select a local pick up option. They simply plug in their address, and continue downward for the next steps. I would suggest that the customers are first prompted first whether they choose local pick up or delivery using radio buttons or a drop down menu or something before being prompted to put in their delivery address.